We are dedicated to holistic yoga education with a contemplative focus on community empowerment, regenerative living, environmental activism, and the preservation and sharing of ancient wisdom traditions. Our heart-centered approach explores mindfulness through all levels of relationship – embodied learning, self-study, environmentalism, engaged yoga, and meditation practice. Deeply rooted in India, our approach has been developed over many years of study all over the globe.

Our team consists of highly trained and accomplished community leaders who engage with the world through the practice of yoga. We believe that yoga and mindfulness practices connect us more deeply to ourselves, our communities, and the planet. We love community building and offer ongoing support and mentorship to yogis who are committed to taking their practice to the next level through teaching, service, and community outreach.


Our mission is to activate an expansive network of inspired yogis dedicated to inner transformation and global community service.

By offering trainings and retreats that empower individuals to combine yoga, leadership, and earth care, we aim to inspire new possibilities and radical innovation stemming from ancient traditions that bring our collective world into harmony and balance through sustainable and compassionate living for all.



We envision an inner and outer world in alignment with our highest selves and believe that a healthy mind is the seed that leads to positive action. When we direct this awareness inward, it heals and transforms the self. When we project this awareness outward, we have the power to heal and nurture our communities and our earth.

Be the change.




Our holistic teaching approach integrates ancient traditions of yoga into modern existence. We think of the yoga system as a lifestyle – a vast, comprehensive system that branched out into many different arms, like Vedanta, Tantra, Samkhya, Bhakti, Karma and Jnana. Our training intensives will provide you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle, bring your yoga to life, and experience intentional community in a natural environment. Meaningfully explore your deepest potential and expand inner freedom through daily yoga practice, meditation, mindfulness, self-inquiry and seva!


Similar to the word “yoga,” the Sanskrit word “akhanda” refers to indivisible, unbroken tradition and that which is entire and whole. Akhanda yoga is well explained by the inspiring Vedic mantra Akhanda Mandala Karam – this cosmos and the manifest universe is one indivisible entity. Our yoga classes have an emphasis on the balanced sequencing of asana, pranayama, relaxation, mantra, and meditation, as well as discussions and readings about the yogic lifestyle and yoga philosophy. This integrated approach to teaching yoga is intended to give students access to more of the diverse teachings and techniques that the yoga system has to offer. When practiced and understood holistically, yoga becomes even more beneficial and helpful for humanity in bringing harmony and balance to our lives, our families, and to society.



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