Pacha :: Earth Mama :: Mother

In Andean cosmology Pachamama is the goddess that resides over planting and harvesting. She is honoured by the Andean people as an ever-present and independent force that uses her creative power to sustain life on earth.

Pachamama is the an anchor to our journey here, reminding us of our interconnected and sacred nature. Explore the elements of earth, water, fire, air & ether with us through conscious embodiment and allow them to expand your creative capacity.


:: set 1 ::

fire rhythms


60 minutes of ecstatic dance music to connect you with the element of Fire. Fire reminds us of our passions, it ignites within us our divine will and drive. The element of fire is a symbol of our ever burning father sun, it can help us grow our intentions, or help us burn and transform, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


:: set 2 ::

air rhythms


Find your wings and soar into freedom as you connect to the element of Air through this mini ecstatic dance journey.


:: set 3 ::

water rhythms


The element of Water connects us with our emotions, the movement of flowing and rejuvenation. Take a dive into this water dance journey and feel cleansed and uplifted.


ready for more?

Join us for 6 days of movement, meditation, yoga + ritual in the mountains of Peru.


• Explore dance as a healing and therapeutic practice
• Nurture and bring ritual into your daily life
• Connect with sacred sites and ceremonies
• Be nourished by 3 local, organic meals each day
• Rediscover the creative expression of your body
• Release what no longer serves and create space for more ease,
grace and flow in your life

journey to peru!

In the heart of the Sacred Valley, surrounded by ancient Inca sites and the Andes mountains, dive deep into the wisdom of your own body, remembering, reclaiming and recalibrating it’s expression as a pathway to bliss.

In our 6 days together we will utilize dance, yoga, meditation, expressive art, eco-therapy and ritual practices to allow a process of inner alchemy to take place.

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