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200 HR YTT + 72 HR PDC

NOVEMBER 5- DEC 23 2017

Journey with us to one of the most beautiful places on earth! Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of yoga and discover how sustainability principles can radically shift the way that you live and empower your highest potential. This unique program integrates ancient wisdom, the intelligence of nature and the principles of permaculture to create positive change on an individual and community level.

We offer the opportunity to crowdfund your tuition to engage your community in your transformational journey. Join us for this immersion designed to connect with your body, mind, spirit and community to bring sustainable change in this world.




• Yogis interested in deepening their practice
• Innovators, teachers, activists and changemakers
• Counselors and human rights workers
• Yoga teachers seeking to deepen their facilitation and community building skills
• Practitioners interested in new tools and approaches to designing and creating change


Course Overview AND FEATURES

• Build your personal practice and gather concrete tools to embody the wisdom of The 4 Paths of Yoga, and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
• Gain a greater understanding of the neurological, emotional, and physical effects of yoga
• Learn how to nurture compassionate relationships, healthy families and a peaceful, sustainable world through the practices of yoga and mindfulness
• Address issues of diversity, social justice, inclusion, and safety in a variety of contexts
• Discover the benefits and challenges of introducing yoga and mindfulness practices to diverse communities
• Explore the potential of matching ecological integrity with human needs through permaculture design and sustainable living practices
• Connect with nature to inform your journey
• Discover your own unique set of assets and tools
• Gain knowledge of  participatory, experiential tools that support project management and community impact projects in a new and different way hands-on teaching with
• Learn and apply sustainable project design tools to and support a local community project
• Better understand how to design and manage a project in alignment with your values, skills, passion and leadership style
• Engage your community through crowdfunding, leveraging the power of the collective to support sustainable projects


Release self-limiting beliefs and step into your power as a leader!

Yoga FOR IMPACT: YOGA Teacher Training PROGRAM OF STUDY – 200 Hour YTT
incorporating Leadership and Design Principles

• Enhance your understanding of the foundational aspects of this ancient practice through asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, cleansing kriyas, yogic philosophy, anatomy, lifestyle, ethics, and Ayurveda
• Learn form, benefits and cautions of principal asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and kriyas (cleansing techniques)
• Gain knowledge in anatomy and the physical/mental benefits of yoga
• Discover the subtle energy of yogic anatomy and how the chakras work
• Learn about Ayurveda, nutrition, and the yogic diet
• Explore Ashtanga philosophy (the Eight-fold path)
• Study and discuss the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
• Explore various teaching methodologies, including modifications for age, focus and common injuries/conditions
• Become skilled at creating various class-styles: beginner, intermediate and an introduction to prenatal yoga
• Gain experience through teaching practicum and feedback in a supportive environment
• Find your own unique expression as a yoga teacher!



Permaculture Design Certification – 72 Hour PDC



Permaculture is the harmonious, sustainable integration of landscapes and people. This approach teaches us the interconnectedness of all life through direct observation, conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems that have diversity, stability, and resilience. This holistic exploration of sacred ecology and yoga is one way to integrate our practice into everyday life and inspire change in the world! [Read more here]


We are so excited to collaborate with IMAP this year! The Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute (Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura – IMAP) is a non-profit organization based in Guatemala. It was founded in 2000 by a group of local people concerned by the serious environmental, social and cultural problems affecting the nation. They established an ecological education center to promote permaculture techniques, local biodiversity conservation, production of organic food, and a seed bank that strives to reconstruct the Mayan seed heritage.

Incorporating a combination of field trips, work experience, numerous guest facilitators, and design practicals, this course provides participants with much more than the internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate. It provides the foundations for a new way to see the world. Learn how to capture energy, become a producer, and respect and encourage diversity. The course takes place across two different sites, with the first week at the Meso-American Institute of Permaculture, and the second week at Atitlan Organics. There is a special focus on indigenous knowledge and how permaculture relates to this well-established world view.


This two-week intensive course goes above and beyond the full 72 hour curriculum as laid out by the  Permaculture Research Institute of Australia’s PDC curriculum and follows Bill Mollison’s Designer’s Manual.

Topics include:
• Permaculture theory and principles from a diversity of leaders in the field
• Sacred ecology – How sustainability deepens our understanding of yoga
• Land assessment, observation, and plant identification
• Water systems: The ability to implement basic grey water and composting systems necessary for a sustainable dwelling
• Animal Systems – Aquaculture and integrated livestock management
• Vegetable production & agroforestry – Designing food production systems for yourself and others, and preservation, and value added products
• Plant propagation, seed saving, germination, and guilds
• Natural building theory & techniques
• Design Project – In small teams you will conduct a local land assessment and client interview, and present your ideas for a permaculture design suitable to the project.


Training Faculty

Yoga & Social Permaculture: Julia Forest & Kristine Vanderplas
Permaculture: Shad Qudsi


Awakened Spirit Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS 200 and RPYS) adhering to the strict guidelines of the Yoga Alliance. Intimate classes allow our dedicated team of teachers to provide personal attention, expert guidance and personal feedback throughout our trainings.




Immerse yourself in an energy-conscious, off-grid, resourceful community of like-minded folk. Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals, breath-taking views, and freedom of expression while re-discovering your true nature and connection to Mother Earth!

Atitlan Organics consider small-scale food production and localized resource utilization the wave of the future. They are proud to spread the word of permaculture, nutrient dense food production, local resource utilization, and other sustainable practices, as these are the areas where we can effect the most positive change in our lives and communities.

Studying Permaculture and Natural Building at Atitlan Organics is a great way to fast track your understanding of natural systems and how to interact with them. Their educational impact project is also a fully-functional, profitable, and off-the-grid permaculture farm. The systems in place allow visitors and students to experience the theory in real time. They run their own sustainable hotel onsite called Bamboo Guest House, a brand new, natural building boasting bathrooms and balconies in each room, new comfy beds, wifi, super hot water, and amazing views of the lake, mountains, and rivers. Lodging is shared, but private. The Bambu Guest House has a Farm to Table Restaurant that serves delicious and filling organic meals mainly composed of Atitlan Organics and other local farm products. Currently, Atitlan Organics supplies all of the milk, yogurt, cheese, salads, cooking greens, honey, coffee, chicken, taro root, pigeon peas, and herbs to the Bambu Guest House Restaurant. 




• In-depth training 5.5 days a week
• 5 weeks of accommodations at Atitlan Organics – community living focused on harmonious relationships with the planet
• 1 week accommodation at IMAP
• 3 delicious, organic vegetarian meals per day
• 200 hour Awakened Spirit Yoga Teacher Certification (YTT)*
• 72+ hour IMAP Permaculture Design Certification (PDC)*
• 40 hour Yoga Leadership Certificate
• Cacao and sound ceremony
• Fermentation workshop
• Daily yoga and meditation classes
• Illustrated Yoga Teacher Training Manual

     *received upon successful completion of the program


Personal Rewards

In this course you will:
• Discover the resources, inspiration, and community support you are seeking to change lives through yoga
• Connect to your inner teacher and learn how to leverage your skills and strengths with your unique purpose
• Nourish your mind, body and spirit, and be provided with the tools to create positive change with intention, confidence, and a fresh perspective
• Return home with a renewed sense of purpose and passion, expanded networking and community organizing skills, and the heartfelt inspiration you need to continue making a difference in this world


Use Crowdfunding to Engage Your Community!

Participants are encouraged to crowdfund for their tuition - this is an opportunity to engage your community your journey and the projects that you will design and support.  We provide the option to raise funds in addition to your tuition to contribute towards a passion project of your own design or a project that you become involved with during the intensive.  Crowdfunding gives your community an exciting way to invest in viable solutions that have impact.  If you are interested in crowdfunding we will provide a step by step guide and resources to support your crowdfunding campaign!





Engage your community! Crowdfunding gives your community an exciting way to invest in viable solutions that have impact. We encourage you to crowdfund for your tuition as an opportunity to engage your direct community in your journey and the projects that you will design and support. We provide the option to raise funds in addition to your tuition to contribute towards a passion project of your own, or a project that you become involved with during the intensive. If you are interested in crowdfunding we provide a step by step guide and resources to help support your campaign! 


(includes optional 5 day yoga service project in the Tzununa community)
US $3200** Early Bird until March 31st, 2017
US $3650** After March 31st, 2017


US $2400** Early Bird until March 31st, 2017
US $2600** after March 31st, 2017

 **Covers: Entire course, including all classes, workshops, written materials, and supplies. Lodging and airfare are not included.

Personal payment plans are available. Contact us to find out more!
Learn about current opportunities for partial scholarship or work-exchange.

// Accommodation (food and lodging):

US $1150

Covers:  accommodation at Bamboo Hostel and 3 organic vegetarian meals per day
Details: Guests are housed in Bamboo eco-hotel. Rooms are double occupancy and all beds are equipped with custom made mosquito nets. Most rooms are screened and have electricity. Wifi is available in the common area.

*IMAP accommodation is included in the dual certification course fee

// Total Investment:

Dual Certification 6 week program:
US $3200 Course Fee + $1150 Accommodation = $4350USEarly Bird until March 31st! 2017
US $3650 Course Fee + $1150 Accommodation = $4800US after March 31st 2017

YTT and Seva Project 4 week program:
US $2400 Course Fee + $1150 Accommodation = $3550US Early Bird until March 31st, 2017
US $2600 Course Fee + $1150 Accommodation = $3750US after March 31st, 2017




Step1: Fill Out Our Application Online

Step2: Secure your booking with a deposit of USD $500 (Required / Non-Refundable)

Option 1: PayPal

Deposit only US $500
Full Early Bird Tuition: (before March 31, 2017) US $2,400 or US $3,200
Full Tuition: (after February March 31, 2017) US $2,600 or US $3,650 *Please note an 8% PayPal fee will occur

Option 2: Bank Transfer

Email for bank transfer information.

Once your deposit has been made we will notify you by email that your place on the course is secure.
Full payment must be received 14 days prior to the start of the course.
For Early Bird Pricing, full tuition must be received by March 31, 2017.

Learn about our refund policy here.


Accomodation Payment Details

IMPORTANT: Payments for accomodations are sent directly to Punta Mona.
Please wait to pay for accommodations until receiving confirmation of acceptance into the program!

Payment Option 1: PayPal

Deposit US $500
Full Early Bird Tuition (before March 31, 2017) US $2,600 *Please note an 8% PayPal fee will occur

Payment Option 2: Bank Transfer

Email for bank transfer information.

Note: Accommodation must be paid in full to Bamboo Hostel at the latest 14 days prior to the start of the course.




“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. Julia guided me during my 200 hour yoga teacher training and I’m very grateful for her yoga asana, therapeutics and anatomy classes. I love her deep knowledge of the practice and her calm and healing presence.”

— JBettina, Thailand


“Julia gave me one of the most singly empowering pieces of advice I have received in my years: believe in what you have to offer to the world. She blends her deep knowledge and belief of the physical, physiological, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga with harmony, grace, and love. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor to encourage me on my journey of learning to become a yoga teacher!”

Hannah, Seattle


“Julia embodies deep love and peace. She has a healing grace about her that is palpable by her presence alone, honed from much diligent devotional work in yoga and beyond. As a yoga teacher, she carries profound wisdom that nurtures soulfulness in all who are guided by her. She evokes the marrying of truth and beauty and is force of relentless blessing.”

Darren, Toronto

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