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February 1 - february 8, 2019


Yoga and holistic birth support are potent therapeutic tools to empower the birthing journey from pregnancy to parenthood. This internationally recognized training program will ignite your journey to support healing and transformation during pregnancy and beyond.                 

Sacred Birth focuses on nurturing conscious pregnancy and parenthood while addressing the medical, political and spiritual considerations of birthing.



Sacred Birth, Doula and Prenatal Yoga Training is an 85+ hour dual certificate training. This training equips yoga teachers with tools to empower and support pregnant women throughout their pregnancies and labor.

We encourage participants to explore and awaken to the radically healing potential of yoga and holistic birth support as therapeutic tools to empower the birthing journey from pregnancy to motherhood. After the completion of this course, yoga teachers will feel confident accommodating pregnant women in their regular classes, as well as be equipped to teach prenatal, couples workshops and postnatal yoga classes.




Our program is holistically designed for those who are interested in learning a mind-body approach to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting preparation with a therapeutic focus.

• Yogis interested in learning about women’s health, pregnancy and conscious birthing
• Yoga teachers seeking to develop a niche in prenatal yoga and to deepen their facilitation and community building skills
• Educators, counselors, midwives, healthcare professionals and women interested in expanding their knowledge in reproductive health and women-centered yoga practice


Course Overview AND FEATURES

• Teach prenatal yoga therapeutically to support a healthy pregnancy and birth
• Learn how to safely modify postures for pregnancy, with knowledge of modifications, contraindicated and beneficial postures for each trimester
• Understand anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, including western and eastern perspectives and the effects of pregnancy on the body, mind and spirit
• Explore the landscape of Birth in all its realms: physiological, psychological, sociological, historical, political and spiritual
• Acquire knowledge and tools to heal your own birthing stories
• Discover your authentic teaching voice and uncover the unique gifts that you have to offer through class exercise, the use of imagery, sequencing, birth art and facilitator support
• Encourage the harmonization of hormones and energy levels using yogic wisdom
• Design skillful sequencing, positions for labour, asana for childbirth preparation and postnatal recommendations for recovery
• Integrate all aspects of the practice: asana, breath work (pranayama), vocal toning (mantra), relaxation, working with themes, massage and pain reduction techniques to help create a more positive and relaxed birthing experience
• Come to an embodied understanding of our innate wisdom and the miracle of birth

All women are welcome, including the pregnant and postpartum. Babies in arms are welcome too!




• The stages of pregnancy and effects on body and mind
• The physiology of pregnancy and childbirth
• Pregnancy and childbirth as a journey
• Deconstructing and transforming our relationship to pain
• The benefits of prenatal and postnatal yoga
• Modifications, contraindications and beneficial asanas for each trimester
• Postures to support a healthy pregnancy
• Sequencing and class themes
• Hands-on assisting in prenatal yoga
• Pranayama and sound techniques
• Relaxation and visualization for childbirth preparation and support of the birth experience
• Integrating mindfulness and cultivating awareness in your classes
• Incorporating imagery into cueing for breathwork and asana
• Massage, birthing techniques and laboring positions using yoga
• Postnatal yoga for healing and beneficial asanas to support the body after childbirth
• Simple infant massage and infant stimulation routine
• How to create a supportive community in your class environment




To gain Yoga Alliance certification as RPYT, a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is required. Others can participate but will not be eligible for registration as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

Participants also require:

• A minimum of 75-contact hours with Julia Forest (the training meets this requirement)
• 10 observation hours observing or assisting classes in your community
• Successful completion of teaching practicum with support of Julia, teaching team and peers
• 10 hours of homework readings to be completed after the course (this will be assigned in class)




We’ve combined doula training into the program to provide a well-rounded knowledge base and approach to yoga teaching. Whether you choose to attend births or not, the knowledge, training, and hands-on experience gained from this portion will be invaluable to being able to fully support pregnant women and their families. In the 18 hours dedicated to this topic, you will deepen your knowledge of the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of pregnancy, birth, and the early parenting experience so you will feel prepared to answer common questions accurately and knowledgeably.


• Role of the Doula
• Emotional, physical, and informational support of women and families in the prenatal period, at birth, and in the early postpartum period
• Involving support people
• Comfort measures
• Common interventions and medications
• How to become a Certified Doula with Awakened Spirit
• Scope of practice and Code of Ethics
• Interprofessional relationships
• How to build a Doula business


Training Faculty

Lead Facilitator: Julia Forest
Co-Facilitator: Luz Argueta-Vogel


Awakened Spirit Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS 200) and one of the few Registered Prenatal Yoga Schools (RPYS). We offer an 85-hour prenatal training as well as a combined prenatal yoga training and doula course. Intimate classes allow our dedicated team of teachers to provide personal attention, expert guidance and personal feedback throughout our trainings. Graduates of both of our programs are eligible for Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) designation with Yoga Alliance.




• Daily guided yoga practices
• Eligibility to qualify for doula certification with DONA (Doulas of North America)
• 85 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Yoga Teaching Certification

Personal Rewards

• Gain a thorough understanding of birthing and pregnancy
• Learn skills that are immediately applicable to all of your classes
• Be mentored by a team of experienced and passionate teachers who are leaders in the field


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“Julia is a fantastic teacher. She created a warm and community-like environment. I learned many skills and tools that I will use in my yoga classes, in my life and perhaps in my own pregnancy. I especially found learning her mindfulness and awareness based approach very valuable. This course is very thorough and addressed the various aspects of pregnancy: physiological, anatomical, psychological and spiritual. I highly recommend this course!"

— ML, Canada


“Awakened Spirit offers a well designed and presented training. Julia is incredibly knowledgeable and brings forth her expertise and experience in a thoughtful and nurturing way. I liked learning the changes that occur in each stage of pregnancy. In this course I discovered the value of living the life I want to live now, discovered my unique gifts that I have to offer to my students and how mindfulness brings about a deeper way of living an authentic life. ”

— NF, New Zealand


“Julia really cared about our personal growth as teachers. The environment that she created gave a feeling of community and intimacy that created a perfect foundation for our exploration of prenatal yoga. With years of experience as a yogi, yoga teacher, doula and prenatal teacher, Julia brings lots of knowledge and authentic care for each participant. She draws upon her real-life experience. I have learned more than I ever expected and feel so grateful for that.”

— LL, Germany


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