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Spring Cacao Ceremony

  • Elements 5813 Ash Avenue Powell River, BC, V8A 4R3 Canada (map)

Join us for a journey into the heart and come into a deeper resonance with your natural state. Together we will explore intention and manifestation through meditation, sound, and ceremonial Cacao.

*Please note: There is a limited amount of space available for this event & registration is required*


Our time will consist of three parts flowing together:

First, the opening up of our space in circle, setting intention with our cups of Cacao, and creating a container for both personal and collective healing. This portion will be supported by both guided meditation and silence. You are invited here to journey inwards, becoming clear and present to what arises as your connection to the plant spirit unfolds.

As the medicine opens up, Clare and Rachelle will offer healing sound and song to the space to guide you in your journey. Here, we invite the medicine of frequency and vibration to move what no longer serves, opening up direct lines of communication for the heart to be heard.

In the third portion, we will come together to share in song, grounding back into the space by moving our intentions from the internal to the manifest world around us through the sharing of our voices. We will close our circle with space for any reflections that wish to be shared with the group.

In advance we wish to thank YOU for showing up to do this work! It is an honour to serve this community and share this medicine. ♥


Please email Rachelle by clicking the button below Include your name and the name of any others attending with you. Upon confirming your registration details, payment is required to secure your spot. This can be made via e-transfer or in person. Details will be provided upon receipt of registration email.

Once we receive your registration details, we acknowledge that you are committed to this event. We ask that if for any reason you are unable to attend to let Clare or Rachelle know at least 3 days prior to the offering. This respects others who may be on the wait list wishing to attend, and also allows us to brew the correct amount of Cacao :)

Note: This event is open to both men and women. No children please.

If the cost of this event is prohibitive for you and you would like to make alternative arrangements, we may have work exchange opportunities.

We will begin the ceremony at 11:30am sharp. Please arrive 15 minutes early to settle into the space at Elements and make yourself comfortable. We will conclude at 2:30pm to respect the time available to us in this bright and beautiful space.

Please stay hydrated throughout the day and eat a light meal up to 1 hour before the ceremony. The effect of the cacao will be more present if your digestion is available to the cacao itself, however if you are hypo-glycemic or consider yourself quite sensitive to plant medicines please listen to your body and do what is best (having fruit on hand can be helpful). Drinking cacao is always optional. You are welcome to take part in the ceremony with or without drinking the cacao.

A limited amount of mats, pillows, and blankets are available at Elements but please bring any additional items you would like to make yourself comfortable with. You may wish to bring a journal to capture any thoughts, visions, or messages received during the ceremony. And of course, bring your intention(s). We invite you to begin tuning into your intention as soon as you like.

Please drink plenty of water before, during + after the ceremony as cacao has detoxifying effects on the body.
Cacao is not recommended for those with serious heart conditions. If you are taking MAO-inhibitor drugs, cacao may cause migraines.
Cacao is not psychoactive, however due to its 'opening' properties, if you have recently been sitting with other plant medicines, you may connect back to those spaces more easily.
Theobromine has a similar effect on the body as caffeine, so women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are recommended to take a smaller serving and listen to their bodies.
A ceremonial serving a cacao will affect each person differently, on different days, depending on your sensitivity, what you have eaten that day, focus, intention, and other factors. Generally the effect will last 2-6 hours.


Cacao is a plant medicine traditionally used by the Mayans and Aztecs to connect to the space of the heart, visions, and dreams. It has been documented as early as 1900 BC throughout Mesoamerica, where it was prepared as a drink and shared amongst family and community. The Latin name for Cacao, ‘Theo-broma’ literally translates as 'god-food', speaking to its revered cultural status and association with higher wisdom. The chocolate we are familiar with today is derived from the Cacao plant, however what is mainly consumed and available is a highly processed version of it, often with added sugars, fats, and preservatives, which inhibits our direct experience with the plant consciousness.

Ceremonial-grade cacao refers to the integrity and purity with which the plant essence is preserved throughout growing, harvesting, and preparation. Pure Cacao acts as a facilitator for intention, helping to remove blockages that keep us from living in the natural resonance of the heart. Physiologically, cacao increases blood flow through our circulatory system and assists in the release of dopamine, the ‘pleasure’ hormone. Because of these activating and opening properties, a cacao ceremony gives us the opportunity to connect to deeper wisdom within our hearts and embody a more heart-centered version of ourselves.

The cacao we will be working with comes from Guatemala, where an amazing group of women make the highest quality cacao we have come across! We are honored to share this medicine here and will be preparing it as a drink.

We look forward to sharing with you in this space!

Rachelle & Clare

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