summer of sustainable change

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We believe that the Principles of Permaculture can support your yoga practice by bringing an embodied connection with the rhythm and cycles of nature into your life intentionally.
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Let's explore these principles, connect and dive deeper into practices for living in harmony with ourselves and the natural world around us.

:: chapter 1 ::

So what IS permaculture? 

Our friend Shad from Atitlán Organics discusses the 12 guiding principles outlined by permaculture pioneer David Holmgren in the video below.

:: Chapter 2 ::

embodying permaculture 

Let's explore our mind-body-earth connection. Download the free PDF booklet by clicking on the image below:

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Our next Sacred Earth Yoga Teacher Training + permaculture immersion starts November 1st, 2018! Join us in Guatemala at Atitlán Organics for a life-changing 4 weeks of discovery and natural embodiment.