WHo we are

The Awakened Spirit Collective was born from our personal visions for healing, creative freedom, and community. The seeds of this vision were planted in 2015 during our first yoga and permaculture immersion in the Sacred Highlands of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. A family of 3 friends dreamed of a conscious organization, a place to nourish our sacred purpose steeped in the values of collaboration, co-creation, freedom and personal transformation. Since then we have grown our family to include a broader network of co-creators and empowered community leaders. The heart of our community is grounded in a deep care for the earth, a reverence for ancient wisdom traditions and a belief in the human potential for transformation and healing.

We are united in passion and purpose to share the teachings of yoga from a heart-centred place to bring forth empowered leaders into the world. We offer Yoga Alliance registered 200 & 300 hour yoga teacher trainings, continuing education and transformational retreats woven with a common thread of mindfulness, embodied learning and care for mother earth. We love our yoga family and offer ongoing support and mentorship to yogis who are committed to taking their practice to the next level through teaching, service, and community outreach. You can read more about co-founders Julia, Rachelle & Kristine.


We envision an inner and outer world in alignment with our highest selves and believe that when we take our yoga practice off the mat, we deepen intimacy with all aspects of life. When we direct our practice inward, we heal and transform the self. When we integrate these insights into our daily lives, we have the power to heal and nurture our communities and our earth.

Our mission is to inspire personal transformation for regenerative change through yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings in sacred locations around the world.






With deep roots in Northern India, our trainings and retreats blend traditional Hatha, Vinyasa and the fundamentals of therapeutic yoga to support you in leading a joyful, empowered life. Our alignment-based system incorporates mindfulness and traditional yogic wisdom with a modern understanding of the body. We believe yoga is for all people and create safe, inclusive, and engaging learning environments for you to discover your own potential. When practiced and understood holistically, yoga becomes even more beneficial and helpful for humanity in bringing harmony and balance to our lives, our families, and to society.

Our team consists of highly trained and accomplished leaders who engage with the world through the practice of yoga. Our curriculum is developed around the three pillars of Mind, Body & Earth. By engaging in our offerings, you’ll embody a deeper sense of understanding of the interconnectedness of these 3 pillars on your yogic path.

Our holistic retreats and trainings unearth how these powerful teachings live and breathe within each individual and how that shapes our world. We explore yoga through the lens of alignment, empowerment, and transformation in our teachings.



The practice of yoga brings us into alignment with our energetic and physical bodies. When we align our bodies in asana, we can find health in our tissues, access great wisdom and uncover inner strength. When we align ourselves with our truths we can live a life informed by our values, led by the heart. Our holistic approach to teaching creates the space for you to discover the alignment that best supports you.

Look within to create a life in alignment with your highest potential.


When we are in alignment with our truth, our authentic power is revealed. As we re-member our wholeness and allow all of ourselves to come forth, we embody our innate power to create, to heal and to transform. We believe that through this process you develop the formula for your own empowerment. Our approach supports you in integrating your gifts, finding your voice, and stepping out into the world with clarity as an empowered and heart-centered leader.

Embody your true power to rise.  


When we are empowered on an individual level, we shift how we see our place in the world. Our trainings and retreats support you to explore your deepest potential and expand from a place of true coherence. Our approach sparks inner transformation, inspiring creativity, harmony and compassionate living for all beings.

Change your perspective, change your world.




The foundation of our approach balances the ancient traditions of yoga with modern context, combining yoga, leadership, healing and permaculture to inspire new possibilities for mind, body and the earth. We think of yoga as a lifestyle – a vast, comprehensive system that branches out into many different lineages such as Vedanta, Buddhism, Tantra, Samkhya, Bhakti, Karma and Jnana. Our yoga retreats and trainings will provide you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle, supporting alignment, empowerment and transformation through daily asana practice (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation (concentration), mindfulness (awareness), self-inquiry (inner knowledge), seva (service) and a deepening connection to Mother Nature.